Alpine, NJ

Alpine, the easternmost borough in New Jersey, sees some of the coolest temperatures in the state. Year-round, it's usually wet and cloudy, and the summers are particularly humid. All of this makes it an ideal place for pests.

From nuisance ants to stinging insects and destructive subterranean termites, there are many pests that home and business owners alike need to protect themselves against; otherwise, they risk incurring property damage and putting the health of their family or their employees in danger.

Pest elimination and prevention are always best left to the professionals, and this is where Abarb Pest Services comes in. We've been serving the area for nearly 40 years, and our licensed professionals can address any type of infestation.

Residential Pest Control

Let's say bedbugs have infested your mattress. Don't throw out the mattress as that only makes matters worse; instead, have us over. We can perform fumigation or, knowing that bedbugs quickly die in temperatures of 118 degrees and above, a whole room heat treatment.

Subterranean termites often attack homes in this area, feeding on all the cellulose materials they contain. There are two ways to eliminate them: termiticide barrier treatments and baiting. We opt for the latter and use Sentricon® systems to this end. It's a surer thing than creating a barrier, and it kills off a colony rather than merely repelling it.

Abarb Pest Services offers the following Services:

We offer two protection plans specifically for our residential customers: the Quarterly Home Protection Plan and the Premium Home Protection Plan. These provide year-round protection from pests. If pests reappear in between our treatments, we'll come back to address the issue at no extra charge.

Commercial Pest Control

Business owners can encounter the same exact pests that homeowners often do. They want to especially be on the lookout for rodents. They can spoil food, spread fleas and other parasites, and gnaw away at your electrical wiring. Our team can perform both indoor and outdoor rodent treatments. The tools of the trade can range from baiting stations to snap traps and glue traps.

Perhaps your business is around a large area of standing water. Trust us to eliminate any mosquitoes that have sprung up from that area. Our technicians will pinpoint the breeding grounds and exterminate the pests at the larval stage.

Special Programs

We offer two special six-month programs: the Stinging Program and the Stink Bug Program. The former is to protect customers from bees and other stinging insects while the latter targets stink bugs. With both programs, you can trust our team to secure the perimeter of your home or business against these pests.

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