Passaic County Bee Control

In Haskell, NJ, bees and wasps have become very active, often making their homes close to yours. Bees and wasps can make their way onto your property for several reasons. Houses and yards can have several structures that make an appealing home for bees or a temporary nesting site. Bees can pose risks to you and your property if not handled properly. Fortunately, Abarb Pest Services is well-qualified to assist those in need of wasp and bee removal and bee exterminator services.

Common Places to Find Bee and Wasp Nests

Bees and wasps tend to make their nests in places that are more hidden and less likely to be disturbed. This includes inside hollow trees, spaces in brick walls, along the roof of a home, or in a wooden shed. However, bees can make a home in many different areas if they have an enclosed space available.

Risks on Having Bees on your Property

Having bees or wasps on your property can pose several risks. Bee removal is important to protect you, your family and your pets. Bees that feel threatened will sting, and you may be at risk of disturbing them by moving around your property. Carpenter bees pose an additional threat as they can cause extensive damage to wooden structures, like stairs, decks and porches. To prevent damage, carpenter bee removal is a priority if they make their way onto your property. Fortunately, Abarb Pest Services provides a wide range of services from wasp to carpenter bee removal.

Abarb Pest Services Bee Removal

Abarb Pest Services gives you a trustworthy solution to a bee or wasp infestation on your property so that you can have peace of mind. Our team will carefully remove bees and wasps from your property, focusing on removing the queen to ensure that the problem is completely gone and will not return. In situations where removal is not possible, we are also a trusted bee exterminator service. Our team can also treat the perimeter of your home to prevent them from returning. Our process is detailed and effective so that you can move around your property without fear of being stung.

Contact Abarb Pest Services here in Haskell, NJ today for a free quote on your bee control needs. We are committed to providing the best Passaic County bee control. Our team has over 37 years of experience in pest removal and is dedicated to performing fast and efficient service to solve any of your pest problems. We look forward to working with you.

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