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What Does a Pest Control Specialist Do?

Many people believe that exterminators and pest control specialists are interchangeable terms for people who do the same job; however, pest control specialists and exterminators are different in more than a few ways, and these differences are important to consider when searching for the right person to handle your pest problems. Here is what pest control specialists do and how they differ from exterminators.

What does a Pest Control Specialist do?

Pest control specialists are people who are focused less on simply killing pests, but instead analyzing the structures of buildings infested by them; looking for entry points, hiding places and pathways that they can use, and finding long-term solutions that will not only get rid of pests, but keep them out for years to come. Pest control specialists inspect infested buildings very closely before taking action and aren’t known for blindly spraying insecticides around a house, hoping that the problem will go away, but instead, hit specific, strategic locations that will cause the most damage to harmful pest colonies.

Pest Control Specialists Versus Exterminators

Exterminators are useful for quickly and effectively killing any pests in a house or building. They won’t leave until the entire area is sprayed with chemicals and everything that isn’t a pet or person is dead. For what they are set up to do, they are certainly talented. However, pest control specialists, compared to exterminators, are more surgical in their technique and are dedicated to making sure that none of the pests they remove ever return by spraying around perimeters and sealing off entry points. Pest control specialists also use chemicals that are less harsh than exterminators, knowing how to use even mild insecticides to their fullest potential and with fewer health risks.

When deciding the best way to handle your pest problem, both pest control specialists and exterminators can give you the support you need.

However, while exterminators will remove the pests from your house, they’re unlikely to spot how the infestation began in the first place, meaning there is a good chance that the pests will be back in a couple of weeks and so will your exterminators. However, if you want to get a thorough pest removal service which will not only get rid of your pests but ensure that they do not return, then a pest control specialist may be what you’re looking for. For more information, or to receive quality pest control services, contact Abarb Pest Services today.

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