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What Your Pest Problems Say About Your House

What Your Pest Problems Say About Your House

It is usually safe to assume that nobody wants pests in their home. Certain habits, however, tend to attract particular critters or crawlers. Some things are easy to rid, some take some work. To someone familiar with pests and their control, spotting some of these can give indications about the condition of your home.


Fleas need blood, and typically get this from cats and dogs (or other pets). In the absence of a pet, they will bite humans, but typically can’t sustain themselves as our lack of fur makes it difficult to spend much time on a food source. Fleas are usually an indication of an indoor-outdoor pet.


Flies are drawn towards decomposing items, so food scraps are the common culprit for attracting these. Once on the premises, food doesn’t even need to constantly be left out to continue having issues as they will gravitate towards the trash, compost heaps and kitchen sink drains to find enough to set up home. Flies lingering in the area usually indicates that there still needs to be some cleaning to remove any traces of the food source.


Mosquitoes are drawn towards dampness, and like to find stagnant water such as lingering puddles, undisturbed corners of ponds or other places that may collect rainwater such as a discarded tire. Granted, in many areas, there is no avoiding the mosquito. But, if your property seems to have more than the rest of the neighborhood, there is a special pool attracting the insects. If they’re in the home, this is likely in the crawlspace or an unfinished basement.

What Pests Do Not Mean

A frequent, and unfortunate, assumption about pests is that a home only gets them through carelessness, or laziness, and that just is not the case. While those things can almost certainly lead to an infestation, sometimes it is just from a slip of the mind. For example, not property tilling a small garden can result in collecting puddles of rainwater. A home with a scrupulous maid would still wind up with mosquitoes in that yard.

Pests are not a sign of failure. They aren’t there because of bad karma. They are only following what creates ideal living situations for them -- they know no better. Pests in the home only indicates that you somehow created a living environment ideal to their needs. A trained professional can piece together a pest and a home to determine the situation and a solution. If you are in need of such an evaluation, contact Abarb Pest Services today!

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