Fort Lee, NJ Pest Control

Nestled on the Hudson Waterfront, Fort Lee is a great place to call home. Resident’s love this borough’s suburban feel and cultural diversity. With New York City only a short drive away, you can enjoy a laidback lifestyle without making any sacrifices. Like every other residential area, Fort Lee has its share of problematic pests. To avoid bug problems, local homes and businesses need the help of a pest control professional.

Residential Pest ControlAnts

While you’re relaxing at home in Fort Lee, pests should be the least of your worries. However, failing to get your property inspected by an experienced exterminator makes you far more likely to encounter trouble. During the summertime, mosquitoes can make your time outdoors a lot less enjoyable. These parasitic insects are always looking to feast. You’ll also find ticks hiding in wooded areas and tall grass, which can easily latch onto family pets. As you know, Fort Lee is prone to experiencing rough winters. As the temperatures start to drop, pests like mice will be trying to find their way indoors. Not only can these unsanitary rodents spread disease, but they also damage property. Preventing a bed bug infestation is just as important. Aside from keeping you awake at night with their itchy bites, bed bugs can complicate allergy and asthma symptoms. Don’t forget about destructive insects like termites, which can quietly leave your home in ruins.

Commercial Pest Control

To prevent financial loss, Fort Lee businesses should seek commercial pest control. Regular inspections are well worth it. You’ll appreciate the extra sense of security. Aside from damaging property, pests can cause serious sanitation issues. Local restaurants should prepare for the worse. Even a seemingly minor bug problem may put you at risk of losing customers. Understandably, people hate eating at restaurants that have a reputation for having pests. In severe cases, health officials have been known to shut down restaurants for months at a time. Hotels in Fort Lee also need to be leery of pests. Very few people enjoy staying at a grimy “roach motel”. Childcare agencies, office buildings, markets, and apartment complexes will all benefit from commercial pest control.

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