Franklin Lakes Pest Control

As Fall and Winter approach in the Franklin Lakes area of New Jersey, even the pests seem to be aware of how cold the upcoming seasons will become. As the warmth of Summer draws to a close, pests often seek shelter inside your home so they can avoid the harsh New Jersey winter. It's no surprise then that this is prime time for area residents to begin experiencing issues with rodents, insects, spiders, and many other types of pests. At Abarb Pest Services, we understand how important it is that you maintain a pest-free home for you and your family. We offer extensive commercial and residential pest control and treatment options. We also provide complete treatment and prevention options for termite control. Below is more information on the many professional services we provide. 

Residential Pest Control Services

termite cardWhether you're dealing with rodents or mosquitoes, our complete residential treatment options can be adapted to help eradicate whatever types of pests you may be dealing with. We also recommend quarterly pest control treatments to prevent new outbreaks and infestations from occurring. Additionally, we offer a premium home protection plan that is aimed at providing additional pest protection to homeowners in the Franklin Lakes area. This comprehensive program will cover the outside perimeter of your home as well as all interior areas as well. We also include complete termite control services in this package so you can rest assured that your entire home is protected from all types of pests.

Commercial Pest Control Services 

Developing a pest infestation in your place of business can cost you time, productivity, and money. Our unique six step commercial pest protection plan is designed to save you the hassle of dealing with ongoing stress that can result from repeated issues with pests in your business. We start the process with a complete inspection of the inside and perimeter of your business. Next, we evaluate the extent of the problem and develop a targeted treatment plan to take care of existing issues. Furthermore, we provide educational services to you and your employees to help prevent future problems from occurring. Last but not least, we completely eliminate the existing pest infestations and make plans to perform follow-up treatments as necessary to prevent further problems. 

Termite Control Options

Termites are one of the most feared pests of all time, and this should come as no surprise. Termites can exist in your home or office for months before you are aware that they are present. The longer they're left hidden deep within the walls of your home, the more structural damage they can do. Termite damage is estimated to be in the billions of dollars each year, resulting in a great deal of stress, time, and money to correct the damage they leave behind. At Abarb Pest Services, we take termites as seriously as you do. We have all the tools needed to determine whether or not you have a termite problem and deal with it accordingly.

Maintaining a pest free home is an important part of your peace of mind. At Abarb Pest Services, we understand exactly how troubling it can be to discover that you have a problem with pests in your home or office. While some pests are nothing more than a minor nuisance, others can create a great deal of damage to your home or even spread potentially dangerous diseases. Therefore, it's wise to treat all pest infestations promptly by seeking a qualified pest control specialist. If you've noticed the presence of existing pests or you would like to prevent possible infestations, please contact us today for a free quote on the pest control option that would be best suited to your specific needs.