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A town should never be measured by its size; it should be measured by the many wonderful people that live there. What Mahwah lacks in size, it makes up for with great residents, businesses and places in which to enjoy the outdoors, such as the Campgaw Mountain Reservation. With so many outdoor spaces in this township, there's bound to be more pests than usual lurking in backyards, parks and other areas. When the pests move in, Abarb Pest Services kicks them out.

Professional Pest Control in Mahwah


Bedbugs may not transmit diseases to humans, but these blood-sucking pests cause more than enough problems. They excel at hitchhiking from place to place by latching onto luggage, clothing and other items when you enter their area. Because they can survive for months without feeding, it's easy for them to hide out for a while and then to re-emerge when the time is right.

They breed quickly and hide in areas such as couch cushions, bedding, carpeting and baseboards. Without professional extermination, bedbugs will quickly infest homes, schools, offices and other interior spaces.


mosquito cardMosquitoes spread diseases to people and pets and make it almost unbearable to enjoy venturing outdoors in the summertime. Although mosquitoes don't fly in swarms, they do tend to congregate together in the same place, making it difficult to evade them in your own yard. These blood-sucking pests carry diseases such as the Zika virus and the West Nile virus, and they threaten family pets with heartworm.

The females lay their eggs in water, so it's important to remove any standing water from your property. You'll also need to take steps to reduce their resting sites such as overgrown grass and shrubs. Though people use candles and over-the-counter sprays to combat mosquitoes, these products don't always provide great results. Our experienced technicians will eliminate mosquito resting sites and any infestations that are threatening your family.


A termite infestation causes severe damage to homes and businesses if it's not caught in time. Because termite colonies grow to hundreds and thousands of members, it only takes a few weeks for the signs to show. These wood-eating pests devour wooden structures such as house frames, decks, furniture and flooring.

Some termites, such as the subterranean species, attack the building from below the ground and slowly bore through the structure. As termites invade homes and businesses, they weaken the buildings and cause thousands of dollars in damages. It takes professional pest control technicians to identify the damage, to apply curative treatments and to use preventative methods to keep termites from reappearing and causing more damage in the future.

Affordable Mahwah Pest Control

Contact Abarb Pest Services to get your free quote. Our trained technicians specialize in eliminating bedbugs, mosquitoes, termites and other invasive pests. We'll provide a thorough inspection and apply effective treatments to rid your home or business of pests for good.