Located approximately an hour west of Manhattan and surrounded by gorgeous scenery, including the Russia Brook Sanctuary and Rockaway River State Wildlife Management Area, Oak Ridge, New Jersey, is a peaceful place to call home and a delightful community in which to work. This is a great area for families thanks to its excellent public school system, low crime rate and stable neighborhoods.

Home and business owners in Oak Ridge may appreciate the natural beauty of the area, but they do not have to put up with pests getting into their homes and yards. At Abarb Pest Services, Inc., we make it our mission to eliminate these problems using safe yet effective techniques.

Residential Pest Control

Enjoy your backyard once again and feel safe sending your children out to play with residential pest control services designed with your yard and your budget in mind. Whether ant hills are ruining your landscaping or mosquitos and ticks have you running back indoors, Abarb can help.

We can also deal with a variety of pests that may be living inside your home, including dreaded bed bugs. Our efficient services will soon have you feeling perfectly comfortable again while restoring your peace of mind in your safe surroundings.

Pests we service: 

Commercial Pest Control

Whether you have a current pest problem in your commercial building or simply want to ensure that pests do not make themselves at home there in the future, Abarb can provide your business with a multi-faceted plan that will secure your commercial buildings against pests, make your workspace a place you enjoy being and ensure that your business’s reputation is not destroyed by termites or lines of ant. For our commercial pest control services, we provide a complete six-step plan that uses a minimal amount of chemicals while providing a maximum amount of results.

Abarb’s Protection Plans

At Abarb Pest Services, Inc., we offer two key protection plans for residential Oak Ridge pest control.

Premium Home Protection Plan

Our premium home protection plan covers well over a dozen common pests frequently found in the area, including termites. We begin with a thorough inspection of the property and installation of a termite monitoring system. In addition, we treat your perimeter foundation and plant beds in the spring along with three additional preventative services throughout the year.

Quarterly Home Protection Plan

Our quarterly home protection plan provides even better coverage all year long, focusing specifically on common areas in and around your home where pests like to nest. Plus, we guarantee great results and will return if any pests return.

Looking for Oak Ridge Pest Control?

If you have a pest infestation in your Oak Ridge home, Abarb Pest Services can help. We specialize in identifying and eliminating pest infestations from the source. Hire one of the best Oak Ridge Pest Control companies to get rid of a pest infestation in your home. Contact us to get a free quote. 

Get a handle on your current pest problems and prevent future headaches with Oak Ridge pest control services from Abarb. Call us today for a free quote on service.