Pest Control in Passaic County, New Jersey 

From natural wonders to Revolutionary War sites, there's a lot to see in Passaic County, New Jersey. Whether visiting Passaic Falls, dining at one of many amazing restaurants, or working at one of the area's major corporations, residents can be proud of this beautiful area. One thing locals are definitely not on board with is Passaic County's pest population.

Passaic Pest Control

When stifling humidity or a sudden downpour forces us indoors, area pests often follow. From disease-transmitting mosquitoes in the backyard to mice putting your family's safety at risk with their wire-chewing habit, these bugs and rodents should never be ignored. Keeping your home and lawn free of crumbs, leaks, debris, standing water and dead vegetation makes pests less likely to darken your door. But if you do find yourself hosting an invasion, professional help is a must.

Commercial Pest Control

Businesses are also at risk when infestations occur. Whether bed bugs hitch a ride with hotel guests, a rat sighting scares off warehouse visitors, or cockroaches contaminate a restaurant's edible inventory, pests are bad for business. Considering consumers' ability to leave reviews and negative social media posts, an infestation at almost any business can be a real blow to its reputation. Luckily, routine commercial pest control can help prevent pest infestations. From avoiding financial losses to preventing a damaged public image, your company can't afford not to invest in regular inspections and treatments.

Pests we service:

Premium Home Protection Plan

Staying ahead of pests dramatically reduces the odds of unwanted guests. Our friendly, professional techs will examine your home and property for vulnerabilities three times per year with our premium home protection plan. Next, we'll develop a targeted plan to keep insects, spiders and rodents at bay. If we do find pests, treatments are included in the cost of the plan; even costly termites are covered.

Quarterly Home Protection Plan

Our quarterly home protection plan includes seasonal inspections and treatments ensure year-round protection from Passaic County pests. In addition to inspecting your house and lawn for possible points of entry, we'll treat any invasions safely and effectively. And if you spot pests between visits, we'll provide extra treatments at no additional expense to you.

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Abarb Pest Services is committed to protecting Passaic County homes and businesses from pests. We use the latest technology and well-planned treatment strategies to keep your property safe and comfortable. Keep your home or workplace free from ants, termites, roaches, rodents and myriad other pests by contacting us today. Just give us a call, or contact us online for a free quote on all of our Passaic County pest services.