Bloomingdale, NJ

You'd have to go back to the eighteenth century to find the origins of Bloomingdale, New Jersey. This small borough, officially incorporated in 1918, is a suburb of New York City, and residents enjoy the opportunity to visit the popular attractions of the nation's largest city. Those who are looking to stay close to home can enjoy the wooded hiking trails in Bloomingdale and take part in many enjoyable recreational opportunities. Even though Bloomingdale is a great small town, it's still home to many common pests.

Residential Pest Control

Your home is a refuge from the outside world, and you want to be able to relax when you're there. Bugs and other pests can take away from that feeling of contentment you should have when you're home. Termites and carpenter ants can feast on your home, and bed bugs can literally feast on you while you sleep. Abarb Pest Services is committed to providing you with the confidence that your home is safe from common pests.

Commercial Pest Control

If you own a business, you know that its physical location provides an important window for the public. You also know that it provides an important first impression for your clientele. Therefore, you'll want to rid your office of any pests that might make your customers question doing business with you. Abarb Pest Services provides a scientifically proven six-step program to rid your business of common pests. We'll evaluate your situation and educate you before eradicating your establishment of pests. After that, we'll follow up with you and continue to monitor for any recurring problems.

The pests we treat include:

Premium Home Protection Plan

This treatment system starts with an evaluation of your home. A scan of your interior and exterior will illuminate any suspected entry points for common pests. This review will help our technicians come up with a proactive plan to treat your home. We'll also install a termite monitoring system that will alert us to any activity that could damage your house. This plan covers a range of pests, and includes three seasonal visits that can keep your home free of pests.

Quarterly Home Protection Plan

Our quarterly home protection plan includes inspection and treatment of common areas that are prone to pests. It also includes four seasonal visits that will create a barrier around your home and treat for pests that cause problems at certain times during the year.

If you're looking for pest control services in Bloomingdale and the surrounding area, be sure to call Abarb Pest Services. We're committed to helping you sleep a little better at night.

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