Pest Control Bogota, NJ

Bogota is a small town of roughly 8,500 people in northern New Jersey. Not only does everyone know everyone else, but people tend to look out for each other. Aside from being the central part of an award-winning 2003 documentary about the mayoral race, our little burg is quiet and out of the way. At Abarb Pest Services, we like it that way. We embody the same small-town values as the rest of Bogota, New Jersey, and we take pride in serving the residents.

Residential Pest Control

You would be surprised how many kinds of pests there are in our area. You could experience everything from bed bugs to silverfish. Some pests, you can see easily, such as cockroaches, centipedes, and even rodents.

Others, you won't know are there until it is too late, and these include:

The most dangerous kinds of pests, however, are those that can infect, or even kill, you and your family. Both mosquitoes and ticks can carry terrible diseases and must be neutralized immediately. Fortunately, with nearly 50 years' experience, we are experts in removing all of these pests and more.

Commercial Pest Control

Businesses can become infested with the same pests as residences. The scale is usually much larger, however. There are also many other guidelines regarding the use of pesticides in public spaces. We keep ourselves educated about all changes in laws and regulation so that you can have peace of mind that we know what we're doing. Our commitment to excellence has led to both full accreditation and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We've earned the trust of businesses in our area, and we take that as a compliment.

Quarterly Home Protection Plan

When you select the quarterly plan, you're going to get four visits, one for each season. Many pests are seasonal and cannot be controlled in the wrong season. You wouldn't, for example, be able to control wasps in December, but you couldn't control mice in February. We would take care of whichever pests are prevalent in each season, and our results are guaranteed!

Premium Home Protection Plan

The premium plan provides three visits annually, but outbuildings, such as garages, pergolas, and gazebos, are added at no additional charge. We'll also take care of subterranean threats, such as certain kinds of termites and ants, during the times they are most active. With this plan, we'll handle any and all pests with which you will come into contact.

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