Pest Control in Bergenfield, NJ

Named as the safest municipality in the nation in 2012, Bergenfield, New Jersey, continues its tradition of family-friendly neighborhoods and a strong community culture. Today, the borough boasts over 26,000 residents who love the quick commute to New York City, which is located less than 20 miles away.

Home and business owners here are looking for a peaceful sanctuary from the busyness of the nearby metropolitan area. One of the best ways to create this idyllic setting is to create a pest-free environment. Pests in homes and business create a myriad of ongoing problems. Thankfully, Abarb Pest Services, Inc. is here to help Bergenfield residents prevent and eliminate common area pests.

Residential Pest Control

Pest control should begin at home where you want to find peace and comfort. Whether you know of an ongoing problem at your current home, wish to prevent a future problem or need help in addressing pest control issues at a new home, Abarb is your best local choice for preventive services and regular treatments that are safe around your children and pets.

Commercial Pest Control

As a top commercial pest control company for the area since 1973, Abarb offers a six-step prevention and treatment plan that has proven effective at a myriad of locations. Starting with a full inspection and evaluation of the property, we then move on to education about reducing future pest problems along with complete eradication of current pests. Finally, we always follow up regularly to ensure that the chosen methods are working, and we provide quality assurance through monitoring stations.

Premium Home Protection Plan

Our Premium Home Protection Plan provides complete peace of mind around your house. This comprehensive program begins with an initial service to eradicate pests around the home before we install a termite monitoring system. In addition, we provide three seasonal treatments to ward off the possibility of future pest outbreaks, and we treat your foundation and plant beds each spring for carpenter ants.

Quarterly Home Protection Plan

If you would like an additional service time each year, consider our Quarterly Home Protection Plan, which includes four scheduled visits every year for inspection and treatment. Regular evaluations prevent future pest problems and stop current issues before they become major problems. If you do find that pests have returned to your home or yard before your next scheduled visit, an Abarb technician will come back at no additional charge.

Stop letting pests take over your life. With one of Abarb’s home protection plans, you can finally experience great peace of mind both inside and outside your home. Call our office today to find out more about the services we offer or to get a free quote on service.