Pest Control in Passaic County NJ

Passaic County, New Jersey is a great place to live and raise a family. Residents have a number of parks and historic places to check out. For example, many people like to visit Lambert Castle or Great Falls State Park. Unfortunately, homeowners in the area often have pest control problems; this is especially true for those who live along rugged mountain terrain in the north section of the county. To get rid of the rodents once and for all, homeowners should contact Abarb Pest Services for help.

Abarb is a full-service company that provides pest control in Passaic County NJ. As a family owned business, they dedicate their time to providing the best service possible. The technicians at Abarb can get rid of pests from both commercial and residential properties. Some of the most common insects we remove include ants, carpenter bees, wasps, bed bugs and termites. Besides bugs, the company can also remove birds, mice and other rodentsfrom a home or commercial property.

Treat & Prevent Pest Problems in Passaic County with Help from Abarb

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Ignoring a pest problem can lead to serious problems. All it takes is for one animal or termite to affect a home. A termite outbreak can damage a building’s structure without leaving any external signs of damage. In addition, termites can also damage pool liners or filtration systems. People should contact a pest control company instead of letting the termites destroy their home’s drywall.

The experienced professionals at Abarb start each house call by performing an inspection. They must find the source of the problem before they can eradicate the pests. Abarb pest management professionals provide service in a timely manner. Homeowners can even hire our service technicians to perform preventive protection. Taking preventive measures can stop a problem before it starts. Some areas that a service technician can treat include attics, garages, basements and plant beds. Our pest manage professionals are fully trained and liscensced to perform pest control in Passaic County NJ

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