Pest Control in Sussex County NJ

sussex-county-pest-control-serviceSussex County is one of the most beautiful and diverse parts of New Jersey. Due to its somewhat rural environment, Sussex is home to plenty of rodents and other pests. For instance, bed bugs have made a resurgence in recent years, prompting more New Jersey residents to call off their travels.There is no need to lock yourself inside of your home, however; you can eliminate the threat that bed bugs, ants, termites and other pests bring to your home with no hassle.

There may come a time where you require the services of pest control in Sussex County, NJ.Fortunately, Abarb Pest Services has been on your side since 1973, protecting local homes from bed bugs, carpenter ants, rodents and more. Abarb offers trained and licensed professionals who can eliminate these pests, including termites and bedbugs, in a manner as non-invasive as possible. Abarb can also provide you with wood-monitoring devices that will make treatment of termites much simpler.

Professional Pest Management for All of Sussex County

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You should get in touch with pest control in Sussex County, NJ if you see insects, strange blood spots, bug casings, unusual holes in the wall or droppings around your home. You should also check for bug bites on the skin of each member of your family and be on the lookout for possible structural damage caused by carpenter ant colonies.

If you suspect the presence of bed bugs, rats, or other rodents you should call Abarb Pest Services immediately. By calling a professional exterminator company to handle your problem, you are eliminating the source rather than the side effects.

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