It is not surprising that many people think Prospect Park is a great location for settling down. Conveniently located in Passaic County, this awesome borough is evolving and attracting more than just tourists. The pest population in Prospect Park keeps growing and causing trouble for property owners. Fortunately, you can request prompt solutions from Abarb Pest Services, Inc. Let us step in immediately because critters are seeking food and shelter. If they infiltrate your private home or your local business, they can do more damage than you may think. Rodents and insects have the tools to make your life miserable.

Prospect Park Pest Control

We know it's not fun to see or hear pests scurrying in your house. For this reason, we have put together a personalized program to help you combat your pest control problems. Every section of your home will be safe to enter after we treat the interior and the exterior.

Because they have mastered their skills over the years, our friendly exterminators always deliver fast and excellent results. Count on us to establish the pest-free environment that you desire. We will spare no effort to oblige you if you choose our residential exterminating services.

Commercial Pest Control

If you want to protect your business and your professional reputation, there is no better time than now to hire Abarb Pest Services, Inc. We provide convenient pest control solutions so that you can keep focusing on your customers while we deal with the invading critters. Our top priority is to eliminate the pest infestation without inconveniencing you or disturbing your customers.

We are prepared to exterminate pests in each season. Nasty rodents and annoying insects cannot hide from us or withstand our extensive commercial pest control treatments.

Pests we service:

Abarb's Home Proection Plans 

To keep your home pest free year round, we offer a variety of home protection plans. Find a plan that's right for you and keep your home in tip top shape!

Premium Home Protection Plan

If you want your house to be a no-go zone for pests, you need our premium protection program. We'll send our exterminating team to examine your home thoroughly. Before moving forward, we'll provide you with a detailed report to help you understand the pest issue. The interior and the exterior will be treated and monitored.

Quarterly Home Protection Plan

Outdoor creatures are opportunists. We'll fight them off throughout the year so that you can enjoy greater peace of mind. Take advantage of our Quarterly Home Protection Plan if you want us to perform a treatment in spring, summer, fall and winter.

Get Help from a Prospect Park Pest Control Company

Pest infestations can get out of hand quickly. If you see a pest in your home, odds are there are more. Most pests travel in colonies and can hide in your home without you even noticing. It's best to stay ahead of the infestation and get a pest inspection right when you notice the potential signs of infestaion. 

At Abarb, we pride ourselves on not only getting the job done, but getting it done right!

We use not only tried-and-true tools but also innovative methods to fulfill our Prospect Park pest control duties. If you want our help, don't hesitate to call Abarb Pest Services! To schedule a pest inspection or to simply get a free quote on all of our Prospect Park pest services, contact our team today!