Ramsey Pest Control

Ramsey, New Jersey, is a suburb of New York City. The area is filled with parks and outdoor recreation facilities. The region enjoys cool winters and warm summers that bring a number of pests. At Abarb Pest Services, we are ready to serve the residents and commercial businesses around the Ramsey area so that all infestations are eliminated without hassle.

Residential Pest Services in Ramsey, NJ

bedbug cardIn Ramsey, your home may be vulnerable to a variety of pest problems. You want to protect yourself and your loved ones from things like ants, termites, and mosquitoes. Ants are quite common to the area. These creatures enter homes searching for moisture and a source of food. Colonies grow quickly. A professional pest control company will develop a plan and eradicate the problem.

When termites become an issue, Abarb Pest Services will be there to help. Our technicians use a unique baiting system that features the Senticon Colony Elimination System. Instead of creating a barrier, we target these pests where they live. Our baiting system is non-invasive and extremely effective.

Mosquitoes and other biting insects are known to spread diseases. Although eliminating puddles of water should cut infestations, this may not guarantee that mosquitoes will not be a problem around your home. We use natural methods to get rid of the pests. Our Nature-Cide will not harm your family or pets, but it will eliminate your mosquito issues.

Commercial Pest Control in Ramsey

In Ramsey, homes are not the only structures that become targeted by pests. At Abarb, we use a Six-Step plan that offers long-term solutions to business facilities, which keeps them pest-free. After we perform an inspection, we evaluate your issue and develop an effective plan of action. We teach you how to avoid future infestations as well. When necessary, we schedule follow-up appointments and always monitor our treatments.

Bed Bug Control

In the Ramsey area, bed bugs can be a major concern. These creatures are becoming more and more common and are resistant to numerous pesticides. This makes them difficult to treat without professional help. If you notice blood spots on your sheets or find yourself with a number of unexplained bites, you may have a bed bug infestation. It is important to seek help from an experienced pest control company like Abarb. Our technicians are specially trained to eliminate these bugs in the quickest and safest ways possible.

Contact Abarb Pest Services

If you live in Ramsey or the surrounding communities and suspect a pest problem, you should consult with a team of professionals who understand the location and how to assist with your needs. For over 37 years, we have treated our customers like family and have helped them guard their property against unwanted creatures. At Abarb, we use the latest technologies to treat your issues. For a free quote, call us at (973)552-4187.