Ridgewood Pest Control

Nestled on the outskirts of the big city, Ridgewood has become a hot spot for families who are seeking a laid-back atmosphere. A lot of residents love its convenient location. While Ridgewood is a great place to live, the area does have its fair share of pests. Here are three common pests that are found in Ridgewood. 


Termites are arguably the most destructive pests in the state. You must take the necessary steps to protect your dwelling. Termites love to hide in moist, dark areas. Although termites often build nests in the soil, they will come above the ground to reach their food source. Any wooden structure can become a target. 

If you fail to notice the early signs of an infestation, these insects can quietly cause thousands of dollars in property damage. Be on the lookout for mud tubes on your home’s exterior walls. This is an obvious indication of an infestation. You may also notice the wood-colored droppings that termites tend to leave behind. 


rodent cardRodents have always been a problem for New Jersey residents. Even a small house mouse will cause trouble. Rodents can contort their body to fit through the tiniest of openings. Once rodents gain access to your home, they will begin to multiply quickly. In fact, a single female mouse may produce up to 40 babies a year.

Rodents can become a serious health issue for local homes and businesses. Not only do rodents carry parasites such as mites and fleas, but they also trigger asthma symptoms. The disgusting feces and urine create an extremely unsanitary living environment. It only takes a short period of time for rodents to contaminate your entire home. Furthermore, you can’t overlook the enormous amount of property damage that rodents can cause. Every year, dozens of disastrous house fires are started by rodents. Sharp teeth enable them to easily gnaw through electrical wires. 


Mosquitoes have been around for millions of years. Over the course of history, these ancient bloodsuckers have been responsible for spreading a number of serious diseases. Mosquitoes are especially active during the summer. Whether you are relaxing outside on the porch or cooking on the grill with your friends, don’t be surprised to see mosquitoes swarming around. Specialized receptors enable mosquitoes to quickly detect body heat and any moisture on your skin. 

While the typical mosquito bite won’t cause any serious issues, there is always a risk of you getting sick. The best approach is to keep these insects away from your property. 

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