North Jersey Termite Control & Monitoring

termites-boston-maIntroducing the Abarb Termite Baiting System featuring the Sentricon Colony Elimination System. The new non-invasive and effective way to kill termites, and the premier weapon for NJ Termite Control!

Until now, termite control programs have relied on a barrier control – creating a barrier around your home to keep out termites, only destroying those termites already in your home. This is because termites nest so far underground, they are difficult to locate. The Abarb Termite Baiting System has enabled us to target termites where they live, eliminating the source of your termite problems.


Your Abarb Professional installs small stations containing wood-monitoring devices in the ground around your home. The Termite Baiting System requires no drilling into floors or foundations and consequentially there is little disturbance to flower beds and planting areas. Our Abarb Professional can often install the baiting stations without even entering your home. In fact, once you have scheduled a treatment, you don’t need to be present during its application. Once installed, we’ll monitor the stations regularly for termite activity.


When termites are found in the monitoring device, we’ll install Recruit II termite bait in the stations. Worker termites feed on the bait, exit through the slots in the Baitube device and return to the colony while depositing pheromones to draw “nest mates” to the baiting station. As the bait goes to work, the termites start to die, not realizing the Recruit II bait is responsible. Eventually the entire colony dies off.

After the colony has been controlled, the bait is removed and monitoring devices are reinstalled. We’ll continue to monitor the stations for evidence of possible activity from new colonies.