Wayne, NJ Pest Control

Abarb Pest Control provides exceptional pest control to all of our customers located in Wayne, New Jersey. Our pest control experts understand all of the conditions that go into creating an environment where pests can thrive. We identify the climate of New Jersey as one of these conditions. This area experiences heat waves with a high degree of humidity, which can invite various pests to set up their colonies or nests in or around your home.


Mosquito control is essential in Wayne, New Jersey where there are the conditions for this insect to proliferate. These small insects can carry many types of diseases, which they spread through the activity of biting into human flesh for a blood meal. Homeowners are often distressed by the presence of mosquitoes on their property because they can appear suddenly after a normal period of rain. To prevent a swarm from emerging, remove all containers with still water trapped inside. These pests can breed very quickly, so it is important to take action right away after you see your first mosquito.


Ticks are often attracted to the fur on ordinary house pets. They may pick up ticks after running around outside, and these pests can remain undetected unless a human being removes them from the animal. Some dogs and cats will start to behave differently if they are bothered by the presence of a tick. They might start rolling around on the floor, for example. This is a signal that they are trying to get rid of a pest. Search on the parts of the body that are hard for the animal to reach. If you see a tick, they will have a small, round body that becomes engorged by drinking the blood of the animal. They are found in the yard around the home, which makes them difficult to control. Once they are embedded on the skin, they will bury their head into the flesh and drink blood continuously until they are removed. They can irritate the skin while feeding, and some ticks may spread diseases through this activity.


Rodents are common in this area of New Jersey. They are attracted to areas where there is spoiled food, open containers or rotting meat. They often infest places where people leave trash cans without lids tightly sealed. However, they can also sense the presence of food and water from a distance, and they may enter the home if they detect the scent of something that is edible. They are ravenous, and they can carry diseases in their bodies. They have furry bodies with long tails and short legs. When they are hungry, they may chew on parts of your furniture, and they may even nibble on electrical wiring inside of the wall as well. Some rodents will even chew on parts of a vehicle if it is exposed. The most common types of rodents in this area are mice and rats, but many people will also experience an infestation of gophers, rabbits or squirrels as well.

Abarb Pest Control

Our services are always available to residential and business customers in this area. We can quickly identify your pest problem and take action to eliminate them from your property. Contact Abarb Pest Control services if you have a problem with rodents, ticks or mosquitoes around your Wayne, New Jersey home or business.