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Wyckoff may not sit adjacent to large forests or open plains, but that doesn't mean it's not prone to pest infestations. In fact, suburban homes sometimes have more pests than rural homes do because of all the people who live in a congested area. Pests love going where people go, and some pests tend to use people as a food source, such as bedbugs, mosquitoes and ticks. If blood-thirsty pests have you in their sights, Abarb Pest Services can help protect you and your family.

Professional Pest Control in Wyckoff


bedbug cardBedbugs get their name from their tendency to bite people as they sleep in their beds. These tiny, brownish pests come out at night and suck the blood from their hosts before returning to the hidden recesses in the mattress and the bed frame. They also hide out in carpets, furniture and areas like baseboards and behind picture frames on the wall.

They get inside by latching on to luggage, clothing and other items. The bedbugs are then transported to various places like schools, offices, hotels and homes where they spread rapidly and infest the entire space. Our certified technicians can eliminate bedbugs using the latest treatment methods and provide tips on preventing future infestations.


Mosquitoes are responsible for spreading diseases to humans throughout the world. Whether it's the West Nile virus or the Zika virus, these pests have the ability to create widespread viral outbreaks in a short time. Not all mosquitoes are infected, and only the females bite people. However, it's a good idea to take preventative action if you want to avoid viruses at home.

Our professional technicians advise you to remove any standing water from your property, such as stagnant water in a birdbath or a dog bowl. Mosquitoes can lay their eggs in only an inch of water, so it pays to keep your property free of breeding sites. Maintain your grass and shrubs frequently as mosquitoes use overgrown areas on which to rest. Our technicians can set up preventative barriers and stop mosquitoes from entering your property.


Another blood-sucking pest, the tick thrives in areas across New Jersey and the U.S. It lies in wait on tall grasses or above the ground on outstretched tree limbs until a person crosses its path. The tick then climbs onto the person and moves stealthily while finding a good spot to feed.

It's possible to have a tick latch onto you without you knowing it, and it will stay there until it fills its belly and lets go. Ticks also spread diseases such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Our pest control professionals can treat your property for ticks and prevent them from harming you, your family or your pets.

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